Our Doctor and our staff provide the latest in orthodontic and computer technology such as:

  1. Digital radiography: Digital x-rays are provided free-of-charge at the initial examination, if necessary, to assist in assessing the needs of the patient. In addition, digital x-rays are taken as part of the comprehensive records needed to accurately diagnose and plan necessary treatment.
  2. Digital photography with state-of-the-art imaging is used to assist our Doctor in the diagnosing and treatment planning of cases.
  3. The latest in orthodontic bracket design: The new self-ligating bracket with “super sliding” technology is offered in our practice. This bracket is designed with a gate that secures the wire into the bracket making traditional “tightening” of the braces obsolete. As a result, teeth can be moved with lighter forces. This means greater patient comfort and longer intervals in between appointments. These brackets are offered in both stainless steel and ceramic (clear) designs.
  4. Wilckodontics-ACCELLERATED OSTEOGENIC ORTHODONTICS: This is a technique for fast braces for active adults.  It can shorten treatment times by 75%.